The Nitty Gritty

Some questions you may have:

What’s your ethos?
Make learning relevant and exciting. Include everyone in the experience. Make opportunities for everyone to succeed. Children are listened to and treated with respect.  Thinking global. Thinking about environmental impact:  recycled materials and scrap are used, everything that is made is stripped down and reused, natural products are used, where possible the resources are purchased from charities .

What can we expect?
Whilst ideas are presented about various sessions and the different themes, this is still  your day. I will always try to accommodate your ideas and objectives. If you want a no hassle event and you want me to,  I will sort it all for you.
I have now started to provide additional activities that schools can have before the event to help children access the theme more thoroughly and in your own time. This works well in a big school where sessions are short

What equipment do you need?
I always supply the majority of the equipment I need to run the session with the exception of scissors, felt tipped pens and glue sticks. If I need these I will tell you in advance.  Tables and a plug socket would be the usual.

What support do you need?
It is always helpful having a member of staff in the class to help organise the children into different activities. For craft and dressing up activities I would need a helper for each activity and two helpers for helping dress the children.  Depending on the class size and activity I will let you know in advance.

How many sessions can you do in a day?
For a festival theme it would be ideal to have two sessions in the morning and then two shorter ones in the afternoon. Shorter sessions work better for KS 1 and foundation. It is possible to give a flavour of the theme by exposing the school to short 45 minute sessions across the day. A starting or finishing assembly often works well to introduce the general concepts to the whole school or year or to showcase learning (to parents and carers) at the end of the day. If you want me to work with  year groups I could do two year groups giving half a day to each. I don’t tend to take breaks during morning and afternoon sessions, if you are flexible then time can be saved here. I will be flexible to fit in with your school day.

£425 full day
£195 half day
£15 travelling expenses may be charged but you will be advised of this before booking
There is no VAT charged on any elements of the costs
The setting will be invoiced prior to the event for payment before or on the day
*Reductions for multiple days and for recommending me to sister or neighbouring schools. For small settings you can share a day with a near by school.
Have a look at School News for any special offers

Invoicing and payment?
Invoices always sent. Payment to be made prior to event. Payment can be by direct bank transfer these details will be given to you or by cheque

Start times?
These would be to suit you. The full day cost could include face time with children from just after register up to getting coats on and home time.

What are your qualifications?
I am an Environmental Health Officer by training. I accidently got involved with schools through health education and community health awareness campaigns. It didn’t take long to realise that this was more fun and more rewarding. I have travelled abroad extensively and now a qualified Trainer and have my own company supporting schools and also local businesses with Occupational Safety Training. I am CRB checked, Insured, A Paediatric First Aid Trainer and Risk Assess every activity. I introduce themes and activities that I have had experience of or have experts that the children can hear from first hand.

Do you Train adults in Paediatric First Aid, Food Safety, Infection Control, Dealing with stress and anxiety, Global Faiths?
Yes. Have a look on Your Next Course or give me a ring. I often run training for school inset days.  You need to book early.
Who can recommend you?
I am more than happy to pass you on to schools that have commissioned my workshops for you to talk direct.

Can you do something different?
Of course I can! If it is within my ability I will always endeavour to help.  Most of the workshops I deliver started out as a ‘one off’. Unless otherwise stated the workshops are tried and tested. I do need schools to be ‘guinea pigs’ for certain sessions or modifications, these are always cheaper.  If you are interested give me a call.

For more information on detailed workshop ideas please contact us.