Hindu Festival Of Colour

Having a fantastic, colourful and very exciting time celebrating Holi. Children love experimenting with colour: how it feels, where it goes, how it lands and where it blows! A real ‘let your hair down’ day, but tie it back to keep it out the paint! Can be delivered any time of the year. Holi is… Read More

Black History

Black History Month Inspirational People who have shaped our history Through story telling in the ‘Story Shack’ we will learn what it takes to be truly inspirational. Great leaders, greats sports men and women, explorers, entertainers and great acts of heroism and sacrifice. 

E Muse, Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to the Autumn E Muse A Special Week? The story tent A great way to introduce subjects of friendship and trust with exciting and fantastical tales. PS, FS and KS1 Black History Month  set in the Story Shack, inspirational figures that influenced our lives.   Health and Fitness Spa day Mongolia will be our influence… Read More

Storytelling Sessions

  Perfect for Preschool /EYFS Interactive World/themed Storytelling The stories will fit into your theme and are totally interactive and inclusive. You can have the story tent or choose to dress up in the style of the theme and get fully into character or have it tied to a craft activity. If you want a morning… Read More

Americas Day

The Americas Topic (Special Offer) It is a day of great exploration: Geography, Culture, Music, Dance, Religion and lots more. Making, doing, dancing, negotiating, thinking, designing, ‘tribing’,  listening and laughing. This is a taster day which introduces lots of different facets of the Continent, encompassing 55 countries between the two Poles. This can be a start… Read More

Carnival in Your School

Carnival in your school this term  For Pre-schools, Primary Schools and Key Stage 3. Learn about celebration, Brazilian style. Communities world over use festivals and carnivals to offer a unifying time and a focus for the community. Brazilian life: art, music, dance, Capoiera, geography, language and …Carnival. 70 authentic carnival headdresses and over a 120 different outfit ‘blanks’ to modify… Read More