Americas Day

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The Americas Topic (Special Offer)

It is a day of great exploration: Geography, Culture, Music, Dance, Religion and lots more.
Making, doing, dancing, negotiating, thinking, designing, ‘tribing’,  listening and laughing. This is a taster day which introduces lots of different facets of the Continent, encompassing 55 countries between the two Poles. This can be a start to your project, help support your learning or be a celebration at the end of your project. Everything is possible.

Nip over to the Americas page to watch the video. For more information get in touch.  If you want to be one of the first to experience the new offer quote “NAZCA” on your communication claim £95 off the full day’s workshop price.  If you want more information about the special introductory offer get in touch.

Are you interested in a Training Day on The Americas? If so express your interest here.