Shub Depavili- Happy Diwali

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Diwali and exciting festival to celebrate  with children of all ages.


An array of activities and artifacts to stimulate all the senses. Dancing, dressing up, music, food, spices and lots more.


  1. Aly’s festival work in our school has provided real meaningful and memorable experiences.
    In September the KS1 pupils celebrated the Ganesha festival the high light of which was a parade to our nearby river where the elephant headed god was launched into the water, of course in the interest of ecology also retrieved! The parents and pupils who took part will never forget this unusual and exciting experience!!
    In November Ali came to celebrate Divali and she brought with her a wealth of costumes, Hindu artefacts, spices, henna, an almost live link to India and so much more. The day ended with a diva lit assembly a real moment of “awe and wonder”.
    These festival days provided real “hands on” experiences for pupils who gained increased understanding of the hindu faith
    Aly’s commitment to her work and enthusiastic approach leaves a lasting impression on us all.
    Maun Infant School, Notts.

  2. In November, we held a ‘Respect Week’ which provided the perfect opportunity to invite Aly Greenway into our school to deliver a Diwali Day experience. As we are a fairly small school we were able to ensure that every child and staff member experienced a range of interactive and engaging Diwali activities. From 9:00am, the school was a hive of activity with music, costumes, colour, smells and fabulous resources. Our Key Stage 2 pupils in particular benefitted from deepening their knowledge and understanding of Diwali and the Hindu faith which they had been studying about in RE. They dressed up in costume and it was wonderful to listen to them helping each other apply ‘Henna’ designs or create rangoli patterns with coloured sand. We were truely amazed by how much was fitted into the day with a creative use of limited space! Finishing off the event with a whole school Diwali celebration assembly was the perfect end to a fabulous experience. We would fully recommend Aly Greenway to other Primary Schools.

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