E Muse, Autumn Term 2019

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Welcome to the Autumn E Muse

A Special Week?
TDevelop storytelling skills Ks 1, Ks2, KS3 Nootinghamshire, Lincs., Leics.he story tent

A great way to introduce subjects of friendship and trust with exciting and fantastical tales.
PS, FS and KS1
Black History Month  set in the Story Shack, inspirational figures that influenced our lives.


Health and Fitness
Photo strip of spa day
Spa day
Mongolia will be our influence for exploring ‘the healthy mind’: relaxation, mindfulness, sounds, incense, hot-rocks, cucumber eye patches, flickering fire-pit (not real fire!). 
KS 1 to 3

Christmas banner
Christmas from around the world
Christmas in Mexico, Russia, Cataluña
Decorating  Mexican Piñatas & Russian Troikas (sledges), dressing a Cataluñaian Caga Tio log! 
Singing, dancing, processions and more. Add food and sweets and a ready made Christmas party

PS to KS3


World War II Christmas is a great fun day but full of information about Children’s experience during the war

Chinese New Year
Chinese Dancing Lions which will fit a whole class!

chinese-dragon-recycled-materials2020 is the year of the Rat.  2020 we will be delivering collaborative art works, drama, dance and lots of scary dragons and lions. 
PS to KS3

Ancient Egypt Primary How to embalm a mummyAncient Egyptians
Tomb in your classroom

Click on image to watch the video.
Embalming the Pharaoh!


 Vikings –  Viking Village
A newly vamped workshop which offers a really wonderful experience for the children

vikings-fighting emily-in-viking-garb viking-village-making-nets-still
Workshops and activities are available that can be modified to meet your specific learning outcomes. Get in touch

 What you get when you book an Aly Greenway Workshop
1. Children who are engaged, respected, listened to and valued
2. A day that is tailored to meet your learning outcomes and more
3. Quality and safe resources
4. Oodles of fun
5. Children who want to repeat the experience and  or want more
6. Stories and experiences that can inspire further creative writing/work
7. If you want a video of the day that can be shared with the whole school/parents/visitors
8. Value for money

Christmas Tree Card imageChristmas Craft Ideas
I will be adding to the page over the next few weeks so keep checking in on this link


Aly Greenway Workplace Safety training

Paediatric First Aid,  Emergency First Aid Training &First Aid at Work

Level 3 Paediatric First Aid (12hr)
If you want your own courses contact us

Check out the next dates for EFAW and FAW


Happy Autumn