Hindu Festival of Chaturthi

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 Dissolving Ganesh in the River Maun  Ganesh ready to be dressed and adorned    

This is the first year of delivering this workshop.  We have had a whole heap of fun: making, dancing, learning about symbolism, speaking Hindi and dissolving our Ganesh idol in water. Elephants are instantly engaging, Ganesh is the god of new beginnings, the god of wisdom all make this an theme for children starting a new class or school.  When talking to Mrs Haig, head teacher at Maun Infant School in Ollerton she said “Why not use the River Maun” and so we did.  We all processed down the paths dressed in Indian clothes, sing and dancing. Unfortunately, I had to brave the chilly water to lower the Ganesh Idol that we had decorated into the water. Go to the Chaturthi page for more details

“Thank you Aly for a fantastic and inspiring day for our FS2 and Y1 children.  They had a whale of a time (or should I say an  elephant of a time?)
The children came away from the day having made garlands, a temple, jewellery, sweets, a “chariot” and a robe. They all worked brilliantly as a team and the talk happening between them was wonderful.  By mid morning most had remembered Nameste, Ganesh and Chat – tor – tea but as the children were making comments like; ‘this is the best day ever’ and ‘what a fantastic day’, I think they will remember learning through having a fab time! 
The resources you brought with you were amazing – every child got to dress up if they wanted to in beautiful costumes and the sensory play dough had all the grown ups playing! 
I know the children had an amazing time and learned so much about the incredible festival of Chaturthi- one I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know anything about until looking at your website and then experiencing the amazing workshop you delivered. Would I recommend this workshop to other schools – absolutely.”  Thank you again.

Lisa Abbey  Orston Primary School

Fabric Printing Ganesh's cloak