World Festivals

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Aly Greenway specialises in curricular based shows, presentations and workshops for Preschool, Foundation, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Cultural, Historical, Geographical, Geological, Theological, Ecological, Environmental and frequently Comical.

Woven into all our presentations are snapshots of what children, in different parts of the world, might be doing. We encourage the learners to think about other children’s experiences and to be part of our global community where we share, care and support each other.

“Dressed as a Bolivian Peasant speaking with a thick Spanish accent I asked the children where they thought I was from. I gave some clues: to get to the country you have to fly to the Americas, they speak Spanish and Quechua and you have to cross the Andes. A little boy inquired “is it a very long way away?” “yes “ I replied. The boy gave me a knowing look and informed the class “it’s Sutton in Ashfield?”

Aly Greenway is a Qualified and Registered Trainer with significant experience of presenting to children and adults of varying ages and abilities in a multi-sensory and entertaining way.

“I love travelling and meeting the world. I would love to share this enthusiasm with you.”

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